Insultec membranes and coatings have a remarkable ability to stop solar heat transfer, blocking 90% of infrared and 85% of ultra violet light from entering a structure.

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Insultec - heat refelctive solution

Insultec - The hotter it gets the better it works.

What is Insultec?

Insultec is a water based co-polymer compound containing inert pigments and special filters. It is a one component system, with excellent adhesion, is microporous, impervious to salt spray and airborne pollution, mould and fungus resistant and will not flake, crack or peel. Insultec has been thoroughly tested and is acclaimed by world authorities on heat transfer.

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Reduce building heat

Throughout the day infrared and ultra violet rays transfer through the roof and subjective walls to the infrastructure and inside air, continually adding heat as the day progresses. Once the heat is in, it is trapped. Long after the sun has set and the air outside has cooled, it is still uncomfortably hot inside. Internally fitted systems such as batts, foam, etc., only slow the rate of heat transfer. They do not stop it.

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Flexible application

Insultec fills and bridges hairline cracks, and can be applied to a wide variety of materials such as concrete, asphalt, timber, clean or primed fibro and properly primed metals. It is in a slightly off white colour with a matt finish to alleviate glare.

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Scientifically proven

Over the last ten years many scientists and engineers have had the opportunity to test Insultec and without exception they have all acclaimed Insultec to be an extra ordinary product.

Its heat insulating abilities are remarkable with reports during excessive temperature periods of interior temperatures being lowered by 15 degrees Celsius and more.

These findings and more have been committed to reports that we make freely available for download and review.

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